Polyphaune #12 : Cocorico Christmas by Lalchand Bhagwandas

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Chicken Chorale + Outsider’s Paradise = No Goose

Blessed are the crazy, cracked open to free the light… And the sound.

While it’s time to feast for some, Phaune Radio invites the uncanny and dazzling Lalchand Bhagwandas, grandmaster of the Cook Cook cartel and prophet of feathered mixes, to lay a polyphaune so even chickens will come home.

A new eggxhilarating episode that takes us to the farmyard of miracles, where all hopes fly around.

Holy chick! Mutant chickens on Crest Ridge, outbreaks of delight for eggxperts and Red Sea roosters, “Cocorico Christmas” by Lalchand Bhagwandas, or the art of pecking all the crazy beans without dozing off.

With real pieces of: 

The Caroleers, The Korn Kobblers, Slim Gaillard, B.J. Snowden, Ergo Phizmiz, Dan Deacon, KGB Chicken, People Like Us, Anne Laplantine, Hélène et Ivan chantent les classiques, Johnny Aloha, Tiny Tim, Kevin Blechdom

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On December 13, 2014

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